Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Austin, TX... part I

Last week I was invited to come visit some friends in TX... so I got a last minute flight, packed my bags (camera bags) and took off heading toward the land of sun. Chicago was dark, gloomy, raining, snowing and 29 when I left. I landed in Austin... sunny, 70, great food, wine and company. 

Meet Sonia... the newest member of the family!
...and Eli...
...and Cole...

I forgot how much fun it is to jump on a trampoline:) 
Eli doing a 'flying-knee-jump' on Cindy...
we even played the 'popcorn' game... this is Eli waiting to be 'popped'
Sonia got to chill in Lydia's sling... I wish I could be half that comfortable when I sleep.
Cole has mad jumping skills... here are a few of him in action.

then of course we had to play hide-and-seek... some one was peeking...
Oh... and Cindy can do some amazing flips on the tramp (when she had it all to herself). You can see by the looks on their face, she is good.
and more hide-and-seek... Mom (Lydia) was helping with the counting.


James Walker said...

insane trampoline shots!

Laurie Peacock Photography said...

my heart melted to absolute goo. I wanna procreate! :)